Soulja Boy Reveals How Many Game Consoles He’s Sold

Through the month of December, rapper Soulja Boy has began selling a couple of different gaming consoles that quantity to nothing more than likely illegal emulators filled with copyrighted game titles from Nintendo, Capcom, and much more. Soulja Boy is selling a few of these devices for more than $300, lower from the standard cost of $639.98, which is much more compared to PS4 and Xbox One were at launch. Thinking about our prime cost point, some might be wondering the number of of those things Soulja Boy has really were able to sell.

While exact sales figures aren’t available, Soulja Boy themself claimed inside a since-deleted tweet he has offered over 5 million video games since he began this venture earlier this year. The dpi appears unlikely, especially because the same products are offered by other sellers for considerably under what Soulja Boy is selling them for, but all we must continue may be the rapper’s word.

Whether Soulja Boy could be believed expires for debate, however. In the end, Soulja Boy made the five million units offered claim as he was busy protecting the authenticity of his consoles to individuals on Twitter. Soulja Boy was clearly becoming defensive in the prospect that Nintendo would sue him for selling these consoles, and that he began using homophobic slurs targeted at the folks giving him difficulty.

If Soulja Boy’s sales figures are accurate and when he seems to don't get into any serious legal trouble, it’s possible he'll be motivated to keep selling these consoles. The rapper appears adamant about being active in the gaming industry beyond just doing offers, and that’s obvious from both his consoles along with other ventures.

Besides selling video games, Soulja Boy has additionally announced his intention to begin their own eSports franchise in 2019. Whether that really involves pass remains seen, especially because of the questionable legality of his gaming console sales, but it'll be interesting to determine exactly what the future holds for that rapper.