Respawn has been recruiting for a new Titanfall project

Within an October earnings call, Ea Chief executive officer Andrew Wilson managed to get pretty obvious that Respawn is focusing on not just one, but two new games at the moment. Certainly one of individuals may be the studio's forthcoming The Exorcist shooter. Another, Tom speculated at that time, might be a new instalment within the Titanfall series. Based on a lot of job listings Respawn has published, a brand new Titanfall game appears pretty bloody likely.

The studio continues to be posting Titanfall related jobs for that better area of the year, and many of them initially made an appearance lengthy after any new major Titanfall 2 content update (the final, to date as I can tell, is at December 2017). Unless of course Respawn is preparing a good website of the unpredicted Titanfall 2 update, it's reliable advice these listings relate to a different game.

The newest listing was printed on December 15, and advertises for any senior technical animator to operate around the Titanfall series. The first job opening that's still open, goes back to April. Regrettably, none of those listings specify "Titanfall 3" or perhaps hint at every other solid details about a forthcoming game.

It's often a non-event whenever a blockbuster series will get a brand new instalment, but Titanfall 2's launch did not exactly set the planet alight, especially as EA released it within the shadow of Battlefield 1. Respawn Chief executive officer Vince Zampella stated the studio was "heavily invested" within the Titanfall world in mid-2017.