PUBG’s new Snow-themed Vikendi map is now live for all players

PC players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are now able to decide to fight it within the game’s newest map addition with Vikendi. The snow-covered new location passed the exam servers and it is available these days free of charge to any or all PUBG proprietors and launches along with its associated Survivor Pass.

Fitting for that current season, PUBG presenting a winterscape because of its still large playerbase. For the time being, Vikandi is launching using the pc first with releases for PS4 and Xbox One planned for The month of january.

Vikandi is really a medium-sized accessory for the battlegrounds of PUBG and really should make map adaptation and recall skills simpler using its 6x6km large area. While not the biggest of maps, Vikendi hosts a multitude of distinct and different locations. You will find the typical villages and companies but without doubt the popular features of the brand new map would be the Dino Park and also the Cosmodrome.

Yep, there's a dinosaur-themed theme park, including a rollercoaster, souvenir shops and much more! Because the name already provides, the Cosmodrome is a huge spacecraft launch site having a massively towering rocket.

Obviously, there’s much more to Vikendi and also to more easily traverse and explore the region, the developers have added Snowmobiles, too. By doing this, players can ride with the snow in fashion. Unique to Vikendi, a brand new weapon has additionally been introduced. The German-made G36C. This replaces the SCAR on Vikendi.

Along with the new free map, PUBG is also obtaining a new compensated Survival Pass including dozens upon a large number of new skins, emotes along with other cosmetic products. These may be unlocked by finishing the over 300 missions and leveling up. The Survival Pass: Vikendi can last for 10 days and it has Daily, Weekly, Beginner, Challenge and Premium Missions.

Every player receives accessibility fundamental survival pass that allows them to unlock a couple of cosmetics and take part in some missions, but to make the most of the brand new pass, players have to buy the Survival Pass: Vikendi for $9.99.