Get a free Rainbow Six Siege operator or 25,000 Renown just for logging on

Rainbow Six Siege players will discover a generous stocking stuffer awaiting them the next time they login. Ubisoft is offering a totally free Holiday Pack which contains an arbitrary DLC operator that you simply haven't already unlocked or, for those who have all of the operators, 25,000 Well known.

All you need to do is login before The month of january 1 to assert your current. Some players that already own all DLC operators are reporting they are not able to assert their Well known-Ubisoft is presently investigating.

Twenty-5000 Well known may be the usual price of a DLC operator, therefore it is a perfect add up to bank away for future years. Or, you can just splurge around the best Siege skins.

Should you unlock an operator you are not really acquainted with, take a look at our help guide to all of the operators here, you should also visit our help guide to valuable gadget methods while you are in internet marketing.