Fallout 76 getting a new PvP mode early next year

Additionally to today's Fallout 76 hotfix, which patched a couple of small but important issues, Bethesda gave us look into what's arriving 2019. An very small look.

"Our sights are positioned for future updates," reads a publish on Bethesda's site. "In mid-The month of january, we are releasing another patch which contains many fixes, including fixes for that Lever-Action Rifle reload animation, some perk cards, and we’re dealing some crowd control in the Whitespring by applying a treatment for the robots duplicating around the resort grounds."

"We’re also working hard on the new mode where one can interact, or otherwise, without PVP limitations," the publish continues. "We’re already getting fun playing it in the office and we’re hopeful to roll it to everyone between the very first quarter of the season."

That's very little detail, however the only PvP restriction I'm able to presently consider is the fact that to be able to instigate real PvP, the gamer you are attacking needs to fight. When they don't, they will not take full damage out of your attacks, and when you still attack them you'll end up a bounty. When they drop that 'shoot back' requirement, which means the first attack on another player would deal full damage, allowing the chance for stealth attacks and ambushes. This could most likely ruin the sport for many, and so i suspect it would be a mode you have to opt into. Or, basically really get my wish, an option to experience on true PvP or PvE-only servers.

It will likely be interesting to find out if the stakes are elevated a little more within this new PvP mode by permitting players to consider not only junk in the players they kill. I in some way doubt you'd have the ability to strip someone of their gear, but it would be nice to defeat a person and obtain more from it than scrap metal, clipboards, and desk fans. We'll discover between 2019.