Xbox 360 Red Light Blinking

Computer games Jul 25, 2019

Having an Xbox 360 is not only numerous hours of fun. Unfortunately for many gamers it means many hours of repairs and huge amounts of money spent for fixes.

The good news is you don?t have to be one of those who had bad experience when it comes to fixing their Xbox console.

Xbox 360 gaming console has a set of lights around the power button. When they flash in green everything is in order and you have nothing to worry about. What happens, though, when you notice your Xbox 360 red light blinking?

Obviously you cannot simply ignore the problem as red lights are always a sign that something is going wrong. What you need to do if you see any of your Xbox 360 red lights blinking is to take some action.

In order to make the right step at this stage first you need to know what each of the Xbox 360 red light blinking means.

If you see only one red light on, this means there is some kind of system failure. The problems here may vary from soldering, component failure, problem with cooler, etc.

If you see three of the red light on, than you are facing the so called ?Red Ring of Death? problem. As any other problem it is not that hard to fix by yourself.

If you see two of the lights on in red, than you have an overheating problem. All you need to do is to turn off the console for some time and wait for it to cool.

If you see all of the four Xbox 360 red lights blinking you must check your AV cable as four lights on signify a cable problem.

As you can see red lights are not the end of world. However it is natural many of you to feel reluctant to try fix their consoles alone and would rather call support and spend money on repairs.

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