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Free download APK Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing latest version for Android. This Application is safe to download from original developer and free of any virus.

Description of Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing

Dominate your criminally insane rivals inextreme head-to-head drag races!

• Pick from 69 cars: stock rides, dragsters, and policevehicles
• Let your creativity flow through a ton of tuning andcustomization options
• Drive in 5 city districts, each with its own unique theme andgang crew
• A real-life inspired aircraft carrier to race on
• Epic arcade game modes
• Adrenaline inducing Most Wanted police chases
• Mind blowing 3D HD visuals

Reach impossible speeds by expertly timing gear changes andbursts of nitro
Top Speed is setting the new standard within drag racing genre.Have you ever wanted to participate in underground races againstunpredictable mafia mobs? Drive top class luxury cars and showeverybody who’s the boss? Jump right behind the wheel and get readyto have your breath taken away the moment you push that nitrobutton.

Drive 69 cars, beat 20 criminal overlords and become the biggestfish in the city
In Top Speed you can tune and mod your ride to your liking.Increase the engine’s power, upgrade your gear and nitro, repaintyour car, slap on some decals if you need to. All of it will have adefinite impact on the realistic driving simulation. When youunlock elite dragsters you can also reach for the most hardcorevisual mods from the black market. All of the goods from thecriminal nation are at your disposal – you just make sure to makegood use of them in the race.

Choose any car you want from an astounding selection of 69 rides- you can drive classic stock cars, new heavily modded dragstersand even national police vehicles from 5 differentcountries.

Nothing will stop you from burning the rubber on the streets. Allraces take place off the grid, away from the traffic, so you canget crazy with burnout, plow the asphalt and race with nolimits.

Challenge the odds as a mafia underdog and make your way to thevery top.
On every step, you’ll have to race against each of the 20 criminaloverlords that keep the city in their steel grasp. The city’sasphalt will become a battleground and no limit will be placed uponyou – let ambition and adrenaline be your guide in this race.You’re the best new racer on these streets, but your rivals stilldon’t know that. How about showing them that by leaving them behindin the smoke from burnout after you drop the nitro? Kids, don’t trythis at home!

Drag race in 5 beautiful and distinctive citydistricts.
From quaint Suburbs to teeming with high life Downtown, your needfor sightseeing will be satisfied. Drive for glory and adrenalinein the Little Asia district, a fusion of China and the westernworld. Reach incredible velocities on the scenic Highway. As aprofessional arcade racer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities toshow off your ride in nice and realistic surroundings.

Your skills will be tested, so get ready for the most intensearcade racing game of 2017! Download for FREE now.

Turn on, tune it, race out!

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  • Version : 
  • Requires : Android 4.1 and up
  • Last Update : 2017-12-20
  • Rating : 4.6
  • Installer : 10,000,000 – 50,000,000

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