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Free download APK Toddler & Baby Games latest version for Android. This Application is safe to download from original developer and free of any virus.

Description of Toddler & Baby Games

Our children games pack is designed to be usedby teachers, therapists and educators with the aim of improving thebaby, toddler and children educational process. This applicationcontains the full version of 9 different games without additionalpayments. Therefore this is the perfect pack of games for childrento develop their intellectual skills and learning in a singleapplication.

The game is designed for children of kindergarten age. We bring anew and enriching world to the curious little fingers of youngchildren.

This is the complete list of games included in this app fortoddlers:

-COUNT AND MATCH – This game offers an essential experience withnumbers and quantities.

-SORT IT OUT – Teach your child about sorting and arranging withthis fun sorting game.This app helps develop conceptualization,visual perception and fine motor skills. With parental assistanceit can also develop language skills.

-WHAT’S DIFFERENT – Discover which one is the odd one out. Enhanceyour child’s cognitive, language and visual perception skills, invisual differentiation skills.

-MATCH IT UP – Finding the identical shape of the image out of thesurrounding images and dragging it to the correct place.

-FAMILIES – Helps develop important cognitive skills such as:categorization, conceptualization, generalization and abstraction.It also helps develop visual perception skills and fine motorskills. With parental assistance it can also develop languageskills, for example, by naming the families, objects andcolors.

-PUZZLE – fun for puzzle beginners. Enjoy this clear, bright,colorful collection of square puzzles for babies, toddlers, andyounger children.

-MEMO GAME – an exciting game to exercise brain skills of the babyor kid.

-COMPLETE THE SERIES – This new, highly educational game teachesyour child about the world of relations through the completion ofseries.The series are based on various principles such as shape,color, size and quantity. The game develops primary math concepts,visual perception skills, such as visual differentiation, finemotor skills and with parental assistance can develop languageskills.

-MY PROFESSION – Teaches the child about the world of theprofessions and their tools.

-MOSAIC GAME – helps develop visual perception skills and hand eyecoordination. The game also develops perseverance, diligence andaccuracy. Each board features an image made of colorful dots. Theaim of the game is to copy the image by dragging the colorful dotsfrom the palette to the correct empty spaces.

This game is one of a series of educational games for kids. Webelieve that learning, playing, exploring and experimenting is whatchildren do best. Children are fascinated with the wonderful,exciting world around them.

Teach your child to sort, classify and organize with this fun game.This app helps to develop conceptualization, visual perception andmotor skills.

All our games are suitable for children of all ages. Edujoy caresabout creating safe games, specially adapted for babies andpreschoolers.

Edujoy has more than 50 games for children of all ages; fromkindergarten to the elderly. Toddlers and babies from all over theworld enjoy our games.

Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We love creatingeducational and fun games for you. If you have any suggestions orquestions, feel free to send us your feedback or leave yourcomments.

Download Toddler & Baby Games

Thanks For Downloading Toddler & Baby Games Latest Version. All recordsdata are authentic, doesn’t repack or modify downloads in any method.

  • Version : 3.0
  • Requires : Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Last Update : 2018-01-01
  • Rating : 4.2
  • Installer : 1,000,000 – 5,000,000

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