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Free download APK Super Hero Open Heart Surgery latest version for Android. This Application is safe to download from original developer and free of any virus.

Description of Super Hero Open Heart Surgery

The Most Dangerous Evil Monsters have attackedthe world & superheroes are fighting with them to destroy theirevil plans. But superhero is severely injured during fight withEvil Monsters. You are the doctor of superheroes! Use doctor tools& treat superheroes in Hospital ER Emergency surgery Room!Enjoy the thrill of being a Superhero Open Heart Surgery SimulatorDoctor to cure all superheroes coming to your hospital and bringingsuperhero back from frozen state. The injured superhero patientmight need an ER emergency doctor so that he may give treatment ofopen heart surgery simulator since they are badly injured duringthe battle with Evil Monsters. Superhero Open Heart SurgerySimulator is an ER Emergency hospital where you experience being acrazy surgeon, the patient keep coming & you’re the only onewho can save superhero life. With amazing graphics and crazyhospital games, stupendous reality like operation and the realheart transplant. Be prepared for ER emergency surgery situationswhere you have little time to save lives! In Superhero Open HeartSurgery Simulator Hospital games, surgery hospital simulation roomis well equipped with all the medical instruments, injections, refillers for the medications, scalpels, dropper and tweezer toperform operation. Use emergency doctor and surgical tools to treatsuperhero & perform ER emergency surgery simulator and savesuperhero in Hospital Emergency doctor Room.

The ambulance is here. Here comes a new super hero to get his openheart operation done from Cardiologist surgeon in hospital games.The emergency doctor has noted down the symptoms and diseases thatsuper hero already has, on his way to the hospital in ambulance.The Super hero is suffering from chest disease that can affect hisarms, finger and leg movements if the heart does not pump bloodproperly. Super star veins and artery might have been blocked.Check the blood circulation of the patient heart in ER emergencysurgery. Take the patient to the ER emergency check-up, check thepatient angina pain in er hospital games. Repair the vein &artery of the patient, check the blood circulation of the arteryand veins. An ER Emergency surgery simulator doctor will make surewhether super heroes blood pressure, breathing & heart beat isnormal using heart beat monitor. Prevent superhero into getting toa frozen state. To avoid any other damage, prepare for the openchest surgery simulator now in hospital games. Get to know theirhistory first before giving them treatment and sending them to theoperation theater. You are going to be the Cardiologist emegencydoctor surgeon to perform the operation. Call the Brain doctor,kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all other surgeons onduty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while you carry outthe surgery hospital simulation. But this is no easy operation tobe performed, you will need a lot of tools to open the chest up andit’s not even easy using them. Carefully cut through the ribs andreach for the frozen heart. Move the artery and veins aside andbones in the surgery hospital simulation. Cut the chest & absand be very careful not to damage lungs, kidneys or stomach asthese organs are aside of heart.

* Carry out life-saving surgery on super hero!
* Fun treatments & real surgeries.
* Amazing graphics and crazy game play.
* Realistic open heart Surgery Simulator.
* Save patient’s lives from realistic chest pain problems, performoperations, make tests and let your patient a chance tosurvive.

* Advertising appears in this game.

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  • Version : 1.2
  • Requires : Android 4.0 and up
  • Last Update : 2017-10-25
  • Rating : 4.1
  • Installer : 10,000 – 50,000

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