Free Download SR Player (Video Player) 2.1 APK

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Free Download SR Player Video Player 2.1 APK

SR Player – The perfect way to enjoy movies& videos.

Consider buying Pro version of this application to enjoy Adsfree video experience and get unlimited access to advanced features(

Features Highlight :

1) Clipped Scenes:
This feature allows to clip (trim) scenes from original video.Clipped scenes are shown as parent~child like tree structure andallows to play specific scenes from original video e.g you can clipspecific song from the movie and watch it as if it is anindependent video song exist in your device.

2) Home Screen Widget
This feature displays videos on Home screen hence all videos aredirectly accessible from the home screen. It acts like home screenshortcuts for videos hence videos can be played directly from homescreen without even opening an application.

3) PopUp Player
This feature play videos in popup mode this allows watching videoseven while accessing other application like chatting with friendsor busy doing other activities. In Popup mode, video will keepplaying on the top no matter what you are doing with yourphone.

4) Background Playback
This feature allows to play video in background as audio onlymode.

5) Playlist
Create your own playlist of videos with different category. Itallows to separate videos based on category of your choice hencemakes them easier to find and play.

6) Volume & Brightness control through Gesture
Apply on screen gesture to control volume and brightness.

7) Smooth Online Streaming
Play online videos smoothly without audio & video syncproblem.

8) BookMark
This feature allows to create Bookmarks for online videos whilewatching. Bookmarked videos can be played directly from Bookmarklist without going through the pain of finding an navigating to anexact online webpage.

9) Favourite Section
This feature allows to mark videos as favorite. Favourite videosare listed in favorite playlist hence it makes it easier to findyour favorite videos at one place.

10) Multiple Theme
1) Light (day mode)
2) Dark (night mode)
3) Auto (changes based on day-night time)

Apply the best which suits your choice.

11) Floating(on screen) Video List
This feature lists videos on top of player screen hence allows toplay another video directly from the player screen without goingback to video list.

12) Search , Share , Delete, Subtitles (API 4.1 & above) andmuch more.

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