Free Download ClanPlay: Clash Community And Tools For Gamers APK

Free Download ClanPlay Clash Community And Tools For Gamers APK

The best companion app for CIash Royale whereyou can improve your game with access to constantly updating chestprediction! Find tournaments, recruit players and reach the expertsfor advice on your deck and strategy in the public chatrooms!

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There is no time restriction on updating your chests – refresh itas often as you’d like!

Amaze your friends and clan leaders with your CIash Royale statswhen you link your CR account; Allowing you a quick and comfortableway to track your trophies crown wins, donation, tournament statsand more!

Gather your friends and meet new ones as you become the ultimateClasher! Lead your clan to victory and rule the leaderboards withadvanced features and outstanding Clash Royale tools, that willtake your gaming to the next level!

Link multiple Clash accounts and chat with your friends using yourin-game name. Automate your Clash’s clan management with greattools that keep your clan’s chat room organised and secured fromspies!

Securely connect and verify your Clash accounts by performing aquick in-game task, and enjoy ClanPlay’s advanced features thatwill help you take your games and your clans to the nextlevel.

Take advantage of the chests cycle tool to decide if you shouldinvest time or gems to unlock the next chest just before going tobed, and check out when is the next special upcoming chest.

Access public chat room and discuss a variety of game-relatedtopics, from the current Clash Royale meta, Hog-cycle and Lavaloontactics and most effective farming or trophy base layouts for yourcurrent town hall level, to following your favourite CR and Clashtournaments and leagues.

Sometimes clan leaders have to speak with their members privately.ClanPlay allows players to open private chat conversations andgroups, apart from their clan. You can chat with other ClanPlaymembers directly even if they are not part of any clan. If they areusing ClanPlay, you can talk to them!

Using ClanPlay gives Clash players the edge they need to win ClanWars and top the leader-boards efficiently by letting you focus ondeveloping brilliant strategies using our image drawing tools anddiscussions while keeping your clan chat hidden from spies aseveryone uses their real in-game names and verified accounts.

Don’t wait for your clan to fall apart because you lack the toolsyou need to succeed. Download ClanPlay today, win Clan Wars andcomplete clan chests together and let all other clans eat yourdust!

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