Free Download Chuck E.’s Skate Universe 1.12 APK

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Free Download Chuck E.s Skate Universe 1.12 APK

Grab a skateboard and help Chuck E.Cheeseshredsome sidewalk in Chuck E.’s Skate Universe.

Plus, win some real tickets you can redeem on your nextvisittoChuck E. Cheese’s! See how far you can skate as ChuckE.attemptsto go for the ultimate distance record. The only limitiswhat youcan get away with! Help Chuck E. hop, dodge, andduckobstaclesalong the way.

Earn points by picking up Golden Pizza pointsandotherobjects.

Plus, you can unlock some sweet gear along the way –insaneitemslike “The Giant Pickle Board” or “The Tongue” – you’llhaveto skatethem to believe them. See how you rank on theLeaderboardswhere youcan try to beat Chuck E. Cheese super starSteveWaters!

Game Tip –
• Change lanes – Swipe left or right
• Duck – Swipe down
• Jump – Swipe up
• Super Jump – Swipe down then up

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