Free Download Angry Birds Evolution 1.14.0 APK

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This Halloween, the face of Iron Maideninvades Angry Birds Evolution to send the pigs running to thehills. Hatch Eddie the Bird during a special limited timeevent.

Collect, assemble, and evolve your flock.
100+ crazy new Angry Birds?! We’re gonna need a bigger nest. Theflock is bigger and badder than ever before. Build your own team,combine super skills and evolve your birds into their ultimateform.

Embark on an epic adventure.
Something sinister is brewing on Bird Island. Why are there so manypigs around? Who is behind the mysterious Bacon Corp? What’s theEagle Force? Who lost the dungeon keys? Find the answers – only inAngry Birds Evolution.

Crush the pigs in explosive battles.
What’s worse than egg-stealing pigs? Over 90 different varieties ofegg-stealing Pigs, that’s what. Pirates, ninjas, tourists – someonehas to clean this place up. Let the feathers fly in full contactbattles and send the pigs packing.

Join weekly events.
Earn awesome rewards, and get a chance to add extra rare birds toyour team by taking part in weekly events. Join by yourself orassemble a clan of buddies to compete with other clans. Build thestrongest, most awesome clan on Bird Island and rule theroost!

Compete against other players.
The Oinktagon: two teams enter – only one leaves (victorious).Challenge other players in PVP tournaments of the Bird Islandpastime, Pigball, and dominate the leagues for even more awesomerewards.

– Over 100 colorful new characters to hatch and collect.
– Assemble the ultimate flock of birds and take down the pigs withease.
– 5 Classes of birds with unique abilities.
– Evolve your feathery heroes into unstoppable super birds.
– Explore the island and stop the Bacon Corp.
– Climb up the Eagle Mountain and win ultimate eggs.
– Battle other players in the Oinktagon.
– Join clans to unlock perks, compete with other clans, and chatwith clanmates.
– Send out scouts for rewards & challenges.


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