Archive: July 25, 2020

World Of Warcraft Top 10 Reasons To Make A Warlock

1. They never run out of mana. Being a warlock myself, this is my favorite feature of the class. Whether I solo, group, or raid; I never have to sit down after a fight and drink. Between life tap and dark pact, warlocks pretty much have infinite mana.

2. Warlocks are a pet class. To some people, this is a perk. It gets lonely always being by yourself if you?re a solo player; so having a pet is a nice friend! They are also useful to tank, DPS, or help with crowd control if you?re interested in more than companionship.

3. They are one of the best classes for solo play. Warlocks are by far one of the best classes for solo play. This includes leveling up, beating elite quests, and even having fun in old world content. I have done everything from solo?ing 3-person and 5-person level 70 quests, clearing 10-man instances in old-world content, and being able to pull over 15 equal level mobs at the same time, killing them all.

4. They are also one of the best farming classes. Because of their high DPS, the use of a pet, and having infinite mana; warlocks pretty much can kill mobs nonstop. This obviously makes farming very easy, as there is little to no downtime.

5. They have three different, but useful, specializations. With most classes, there are only one or two viable specs to DPS as. With warlocks, all three trees are useful in the different aspects of the game. Affliction is useful for steady damage over long periods of time, Destruction is useful for high amounts of burst damage, and Demonology is useful for having a pet or the warlock themselves tank.

6. They bring a decent amount of utility to groups and raids. Warlocks are usually sought for in both groups and raids because they can crowd control with fear and their pet?s seduction, they are the only class to have soul stones, and they can summon free health potions for everyone in their group. They can also summon anyone in the game as long as there are two other players to help. They also can cast debuffs on mobs which will help increase the other classes? usefulness.

7. They bring a high amount of DPS to groups and raids. On my warlock, I almost always top the damage meter in my groups and on my raids. I have done so with different specs as well. I have topped the meter as both Affliction and Destruction. This means that if played well, warlocks can be a group or raid?s best asset.

8. Warlocks are above-average PvP?ers. Once you obtain a decent amount of PvP gear, warlocks are very fun to PvP with. They can easily kill caster DPS classes and healers. Their only disadvantage is against melees, since warlocks have terrible mitigation against melees and melees have counters to almost every warlock?s escape maneuvers. However, I can almost always be on the top of the killing blow list with just a few deaths at the end of any battleground.

9. They can also be useful tanks for certain encounters. There have been numerous situations where I have tanked certain events. With the Demonology spec, warlocks can have a 20% damage reduction and as many hit points as a normal tank. The combination of the two makes them favorites when tanking mobs that deal elemental damage, as their weak armor is not an issue. If you enjoy playing different aspects of WoW, this can be a nice bonus.

10. Lastly, they get unique mounts! Warlocks are one of only two classes that receive unique mounts. This means that you can proudly run around Ironforge and have all the low levels gawk at you for your neat fiery war-horse!