Archive: May 25, 2020

Psp Download Sites – A Scam?

Everybody knows PSP games are available on the internet. However, not everybody knows where to get them safely. The games available on most websites are not reliable.

Most PSP websites are illegal in the way they operate. But there’s no reason to lose heart if you are a PSP enthusiast. There ARE a number of reliable websites that provide free PSP games for you.

After doing some research, I have made a list of helpful information so you won’t be cheated for your money. So here’s how you can download all the free psp games you want without getting cheated!

1. Search for a trustworthy website -Browsing PSP sites you will easily come across ads for free downloads of the games. Low quality games are provided on the sites which put up the ads.

The worst, however, is yet to begin. On clicking the ‘download’ button either the download rate will be extremely slow or it will show full server.

Keep a safe distance from these sites. On downloading your pc might get virus infected. I have no trust on these sites.

2. Show practicality – You must deal practically even if you find a Internet site from where you may download the PSP games for free. If the website gives you lot of things without taking much then you must not trust that website. Those websites are the scam sites, which are one-step better than the illegal websites.

The websites will be showing nothing wrong on them. They will contain latest movie, games, wallpapers, etc. They will simply ask you to pay either monthly or for every download; better keep safe distance from these sites.

3. Quality means high cost – You can trust only a very few sites. How will these sites make profit? A membership charge has to be paid on joining. The cost is comparable to the market price of any new game. You on paying the membership can get access to as many numbers of games possible. Think of it this way – you are paying the cost of one single new game and in return getting membership to download unlimited games. This is what great planning all about.

To read my own thoughts on the best sites where you only have to pay a small 1-time fee for a life-time membership to download as many PSP games as you want, please look at the links below

I’ve reviewed many sites and only recommend the very best that actually produce good quality downoads without any viruses.