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Aion Cleric Guide ? Aion Guide To Cleric Leveling

Are you playing a cleric in the Aion game? Are you in a need to get your character leveled on the fastest way? If so, then you it?s a must to keep in mind these 2 things: What place to go, and what quests to accept or to decline.

If you go to the wrong places, you won?t level very fast and if you accept the time consuming quests, then you won?t level very fast either.

Leveling A Cleric in Aion By Going To The Best Leveling Spots

So your first task would be to look for places where you can level very good and quickly. To do this, it?s needed to look at 3 things. Are there many creatures? If so, too much isn?t good. Are there enough quests and how long does it take to go from north to south?

These 3 factors are the most important to watch. You can?t go to an area where are lots of creatures that are bugging you and you can?t go to a place that?s taking too long to go from north to south. Also, you should avoid places with barely a quests.

Leveling A Cleric In Aion By Choosing The Best Quests

So, once you?ve found yourself a great place to level, then your next task would be to start choosing the best quests only. To do this, you will need to determine the time that a quest takes.

You got to avoid the junk quests. These quests are made to waste your time. And if you accept quests like this, it?s high likely that you won?t level your Cleric very fast.

Also, a great thing to do is to actually gather lots of quests and do them all at once. This way, you won?t have to go to the quest giver each time you want to do a quest.

But, how can you gather all these information on where to go, what quest to accept, who to talk to, what to kill and what items to go without spending hours on research?

Get Started With Power Leveling Your Cleric While Using The Aion Leveling Guide

If you want to get all of these information without spending hours on research, then I highly recommend you to get a Aion leveling guide. This guide has already done all the research on where to go, what quests to accept, who to talk to, what to kill and what items to get.

They will release this information in a step by step leveling path format. This way, you?ll be sure that you will level your Cleric on the fastest way.

So if you want to start power leveling your cleric character in Aion, then it?s necessary to know where to go and what quests to accept.

To get to know all of this without spending too much time on doing research, it?s higly recommended to use a Aion leveling guide.